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Talking to my creator, once sympathetic, condescending and good friend; always willing to be positive, with nice and simple characters, preaching friendship and good manners I said: “Friend Pep, I think you should leave the trade, you did everything you could, I do not know how you can continue since I see no reason for it, dedicate yourself cynicism, tanks, bombs, lies, deceptions, do not put heart or feelings, sensitivity is out of fashion, flowers do not smell, letters are e-mails, friendship convenience, religion you see, shield of evil, you did what you could. “He still is not convinced, but I could be his last character, that’s why I’m going to call myself” Without a Name “, and that everyone who puts it their own way, yes, avoid politics as much as possible and religion, otherwise I will disappear from your house. A hug for everyone, in case Pep decides that I am the last. Let me know your history and name to learn from you.

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