Tilina Mat Doll (In memory of Pamela Lyndon)

  • C.B: 8426099071127
  • Referencia: 7112
  • Altura : 25 cm
  • Fabricado en: España
  • Marca: Magic Baby
  • Material: Cuerpo y Extremidades en Vinil
  • Color de pelo: Marron
  • Color de ojos: Marrones
  • Tipo de ojos: No movibles
  • Recomendado: Mayores de 3 años
  • Peso Aproximado: 365 gr

Muñecas Magic Baby fabricadas en España. Su ropa se puede lavar a baja temperatura.


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Tilina Pops doll: Surrounded by kangaroos and koalas, Pamela was born, a beautiful girl full of imagination and a dreamer.
When she turned 7 Pamela, she had the saddest day of her life, her father died unexpectedly; But that day, she did not notice that a small being with red shoes was sneaking through her window.
There was Tilina Pops, full of great tasks for her new partner; Tilina found the most captivating adventure books out there and left them forgotten for her friend to find. This is how Pamela became enthusiastic about reading and poetry.
Such was her illusion that as a teenager she already wrote beautiful poems and later she called it the acting bug …

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