Mammoth 40 cm

Mammoth 40 cm


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Mammoth 40 cm

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The mammoths were proboscideans of great size, of equal dimensions and in some cases superior to modern elephants. The largest known species are M. sungari (mammoth of the Songhua River), with a height at the cross of 5.3 meters and a length of 9.1 meters; and the imperial mammoth, which had a minimum height of 5 meters in cross. Among the smaller species are M. exilis (Pygmy mammoth), M. lamarmorai (Sardinian mammoth), or the dwarf race of M. primigenius (woolly mammoth), which had a height on the cross of 1 to 2 meters Mammoths probably had a weight between 6 and 8 tons, but some exceptionally large males could have exceeded 12 tons.

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