Macha Epona (Reincarnation)

  • Reference: 40202
  • Height: 41 cm
  • Made in: Spain
  • Brand: Elfos de Pep Catalá
  • Material: Vinyl body and articulated
  • Hair color: Pink
  • Eye color: Gray
  • Type of eyes: Not movable
  • Ethnicity: Elven


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Macha Epona (Reincarnation)

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Macha Epona (Reincarnation): Fairies Goddesses. They were three incarnations in the same one; the first one was Ard Macha, his favorite color is White. She was a woman of Nemed, invader of Ireland, and gave the name of Armagh to the capital of the kingdom.

Emain Macha, whose color is Blue, was married to a peasant. She had to leave Ulster and gave name to the city that welcomed her, hurling terrible curses at her persecutors.

Epona Macha, was the third reincarnation, is considered the heroine of the Gauls. The horses were his great hobby to the point that was called the goddess Mare and also The Redhead, for the color he chose in his horses.

All of them will be accompanied with their Stone, this is a gift from the Fairy so that you can share it with her, if she does not wear it she mistrusts its authenticity.

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