Taliesin 28 cm

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Creativity, Divination, Enchantment.



The result of a spell, the witch Ceriwden gave birth to a child, Taliesin. The witch was to kill the child as soon as it was born, however, seeing how beautiful it was, he could not and decided to leave it floating in the sea.

Elphin, who was fishing in the sea, found the boy and took him to his house, where he grew up. The gifts for the arts of Taliesin were formidable. As a result of the spell with which Taliesin was born he possessed the wisdom and the science of the centuries. When he was 13 years old, Elphin, his adoptive father, was captured in the kingdom of Gwyddno. To free him, the boy bet with the king that he would compose a poem more quickly than the bards of the court and won them. Elphin was released.

He was the Bard Master at King Arthur's Court. 


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28 cm